Brunotti Smartshell jostas trapece – kaitbordam un vindsērfingam

Brunotti Smartshell Waist harness

Multi-use harness with hard frame shell. 4 different color options.

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Brunotti Smartshell Harness
Harness tech. What do we really need in our harnesses? What can be done better? By asking these questions to ourselves we came up with a completely new way of developing our harnesses.
In a short sentence we called: “cut the crap and keep the tech!” We don’t want any unnecessary stuff. We wanted our harnesses to be light, and to keep being light, even when soaked in water. We wanted maximum support, but also minimum weight. And we wanted no compromises in terms of comfort, that’s it! To be able to reach all these goals we began developing a super lightweight pre curved 360 smartframe that’s positioned between the inner and outer layer.
This frame transfers the forces and spreads them over your back. Apart from this the addition of the Fix-tips on the super light spreadercover will make sure the Harness is secured all around to give you the perfect support around your waist.

Brunotti Smartshell ir jaunākā tipa jostas trapece ar cietu, visu ķermeni aptverošu korpusu. Tas aptver vidukļa lielāko daļu, tādā veidā uz sevi paņemot lielu daļu slodzes, kas citkārt pienāktos mugurai.

Protams, tā ir piemērota kaitbordam un vindsērfingam. Pa visiem 360 grādiem slodzi izlīdzinošs dizains, izliekta muguras forma, auduma un EVA materiāla odere, polstērētas, mīkstas sānu malas, komfortabls profils.

Brunotti Smartshell trapeci papildus var aprīkot āķa vietā ar vilņu braukšanas cāļcilpas slīdošo striķi.

Pieejama 4 dažādās krāsās – balta, melna, zila, sarkana. Par visu krāsu un izmēru pieejamību lūdzam interesēties veikalā, Terēzes ielā 10.

Produkta ražotāja mājaslapa:
Brunotti Smartshell Waist Multi-use Harness
CTC Mass Reduction
H2O Weightlock
360 Smartframe
Pre Curved Lumbar Fit
Full EVA Grip Liner
Comfortable Spreaderbar
Designed 3D Dual
Density Foam
Spreader Stabilizer
Detachable HP System

Slider Wave
Buy the package including the ST wave spreaderbar to use your favourite Smartshell setup. Additional 39Eur

CTC Mass reduction
Cut the crap, mass reduction program. We developed a super lightweight frame that supports your body and eliminates multiple layers. By stripping all other unnecessary parts off we ended up with harnesses that combine the best support with the lowest mass.

Our Multiuse harnesses makes it possible to use one harness for both windsurfing and kiteboarding. The HP-system or loop is detachable. So if you don’t need it please remove it. We love all watersport! As long as you have fun.

H20 Weightlock
To ensure the weight of your harness, wet or dry, we changed the way we design our harnesses by eliminating hidden pockets, spaces and fabrics that can hold or absorb water. This way we can ensure a light weight product with the same comfort and performance, both on the beach and in the water.

Feather weight
This spreaderbar is super lightweight. The design is enginiered to spreader the force from the centre to the side of the belt.

Fix Tips
With the fixtips you can merge the spreader cover into one piece with your belt. Comfortable and easy to attach you will be on the water within a second.

360 Smart Frame
We believe comfort can only be achieved by a perfect fit, so forces can be perfectly even distributed to your body. To ensure this we developed the 360 Smartframe. This frame acts like a force distributer, distributing the forces all around your body, eliminating hotspots (where too much forces are applied to the body) and thus maximizing comfort and control.

Brunotti Slider Wave

Brunotti Mass Reduction

Brunotti MultiUse

Brunotti WeightLock

Brunotti Feather Weight

Brunotti Fix Tips

Brunotti Smart Frame