Byerly Brigade by Hyperlite 2018 veikborda dēlis –

Byerly Brigade by Hyperlite 2018 veikborda dēlis

Ātrs, atsaucīgs un ar jaudīgu atspērienu apveltīts laivas veikborda dēlis.

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Byerly Brigade laivas veikborda dēlis ir piemērots braucējiem, kuri meklē augsta līmeņa dēli trikiem un agresīvai braukšanai. Pārākais laivas dēlis Byerly klāstā. Ātrs, atsaucīgs un apveltīts ar jaudīgu atspērienu.

Bez noņemamajām spurām, Byerly Brigade laivas veikborda dēlim slīdvirsmā ir arī kanāli, kas nodrošina lielāku saķeri ar ūdens virsmu un mīkstina triecienus nosēdienos.

Byerly Brigade veikborda dēļa konstrukcijas vadlīnijas
Shaped by Scott “Butch” Bouchard
Ultra Smooth 3 Stage Rocker
Radius Composite Stringers
6 Axis Perimeter Tension
Fiberglass Crosslink Construction
Double Lap Construction
Carbon/Kevlar Sidewall
Biolite 3 Core
M6 Inserts

Byerly AR veikborda dēlis pieejams uz pasūtījumu. Sazinies ar Mums par piegādes termiņiem.

Vairāk par šo produktu:

When Scott Byerly hits the wake, he does so with the Brigade.

Part of the Byerly Collection, the Byerly Brigade delivers that smooth 3-Stage Rocker feel you’ve come to trust. The thin profile and Biolite 3 Core keep the swing weight down making harder tricks look more effortless than before. Packed with Byerly construction innovations the Brigade is bomb proof and durable as they come.

Byerly Brigade laivas dēļa specifika

Scott Bouchard entered the shaping scene as an innovator with a background rooted in surf. His unique take on the 3-Stage Rocker helped riders like Byerly and JD get more pop off the wake when wakes were small. His passion for sourcing new materials and creating new construction methods has produced some of Hyperlite’s bestselling models.

Biolite 3 Core
The secret recipe we have been perfecting since day one. This core material is the gold standard in the industry and used throughout our line. Bio 3 is our lightest and most durable formula to date.

Double Lap Construction
This construction utilizes the additional strength created when the top and bottom fiberglass sheets overlap one another at the perimeter of the board. Once fused, the overlapped glass creates a stronger, more durable sidewall. The Double Lap is exclusive to Byerly boards and the first level of fiberglass technology.

Radius Composite Stringers
Our all-new Radius Composite Stringers mirror the profile of the ARII, allowing them to work in perfect unison with the Carbon Energy Ring. By aligning the two systems, maximum energy retention is achieved while the board is on edge and then released, for massive pop, as the rider leaves the wake.
NEW for 2018!

Carbon/Kevlar Sidewall
6 Axis Perimeter Tension
Ultra Smooth 3-Stage Rocker
M6 Inserts

Founded in 2006, Byerly Boards has been my dream for as long as I’ve been riding boards, which dates back to the founding years of both Wakeboarding and Wakeskating. Today I’m happy to say that my dream has taken root, and with my crew we’re creating a brand that is unique within the board sports world.

With Butch’s shaping skills and knowledge of construction methods we’ve again pushed the boundaries of Wakeboard Design. The same is true with my Skates and as always art plays a huge role in the look and feel of Byerly Boards. Enjoy our line-up for 2018 and I’ll be seeing you on the road this season.