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Hyperlite Landlock veiksērfa dēlis – 5’9

Šis dēlis sāks ātri glisēt pat uz paša mazākā laivas vilņa.




Hyperlite Landlock veiksērfa dēlis ir kā universālais kareivis. Veidots veiksērfošanai aiz laivas, bet pateicoties savai formai un uzbūvei, lietojams arī kaitojot. Prasmīgāki sērferi mācēs ar šo dēli noķert jūras vai okeāna viļņus.

Ātrs, ar vieglu gaitu apveltīts dēlis. Īstais dēlis ar kuru noķert pirmos viļņus, un turpināt tos ķert bez īpašās piepūles. Šis dēlis sāks ātri glisēt pat uz paša mazākā laivas vilņa.

Hyperlite Landlock ir pareizais dēlis ar ko ērti sākt mācīties sērfot aiz laivas, pat uz maza viļņa. Īsts Easy Rider.

Hyperlite Landlock wakesurf board | Boardside.lv – surfing

Hyperlite Landlock veiksērfa dēļa konstrukcijas vadlīnijas

Shaped By: AARON
Rolled Edge
EVA Pad with Die Cut Logo
Monocoque Construction
Layered Glass
Fins: 2 – 1.5″ Fish, 1 – 2.4″ Fish

1 pēda ir 30.48cm. 1 colla ir 2.54cm. 1 pēdā ir 12 collas.

Šis produkts pieejams uz pasūtījumu. Piegādes laiks 7-14 dienas. Pieejami arī citi, šeit neuzrādīti Hyperlite un Byerly veiksērfa dēļi.
Produkta ražotāja mājaslapa: http://www.hyperlite.com/

Hyperlite Landlock wakesurfer – laid back soul turns.
Shaped to catch any size wave and ideal for your first surf adventure. The Hyperlite Landlock is geared for riders taking a slash for the first time, bigger riders, or just the toes on the nose mellower transitioned, tail heavy session. This fresh water creation features our softest/thickest rail with a concave top deck for that forgiving, laid-back soul turn.

Hand Shaped in Florida by Surfers for Surfers. Quality Team Ridden Designs. Scott Bouchard and Mr. Byerly have styled us out with 3 unique shapes including the all new Action. At 56″ the Action is a super light skim style surfer constructed with our exclusive Durashell process. The highly touted Buzz is back and in 2 sizes at 4’6″ & 5’2″, also a Durashell bombproof construction and it is a true surf style shape ripping turns and floating airs with ease. The Volt at 4’10” is the Byerly value surfer with fin options for both surf and skim style. The value comes from the construction, the traditional compression molded process ensures durability and great price!

Hyperlite Shim veiksērfinga dēlis 2017

Chasing the endless wave has been our passion since we designed and released the first compression molded Wakesurfer years ago. Since then we have built some of the most popular shapes on the water, allowing riders to find that sweet spot for the first time or pull off their first 360. Surfing into 2016, Hyperlite is excited to add the Time Machine to the quiver, a full cork- topped crossover shape that can carve like the Quad and spin like the Hi-Fi. Hyperlite guarantees we have a deck for everyone in your surf party!

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