Hyperlite Marek rokturis veikbordam un kabelim

Hyperlite Marek rokturis

Parocīgs un komfortabls veikborda rokturis par pieņemamu cenu.




Hyperlite Marek rokturis ir parocīgs un komfortabls veikborda rokturis par pieņemamu cenu. Piemērots lietošanai aiz laivas un lineārajā divu torņu veikparkā. Peldošs. Par papildus samaksu pieejams arī komplektā ar T-handle.
Komplektā Vividd Line striķis.

Hyperlite Marek rokturis roktura konstrukcijas vadlīnijas

Foam Buoyancy Plugs (This Handle Floats)
Traditional Chamois Grip
Gets tacky when it gets wet
15″ available in Straight or T options

Produkta ražotāja mājaslapa:

#25YearsInWake – 2016

We Are Wakeboarding – The Hyperlite slogan that has been forged over the past 25 years. We look forward to celebrating our 25th anniversary in 2016 by honoring our heritage and pursuing our passion to develop the best Wakeboard, Wakesurf and Wakeskate gear for all to enjoy. Reaching our 25th season signifies a simple truth – Hyperlite has the greatest fans and most loyal followers! From our dedicated staff and amazing team of athletes – Thank you all for your support and we believe 2016 will be our best season ever.

Hyperlite 25 gadu jubileja  veikbordā – 1991-2015