Liquid Force Kites P1 2019 pūķis

Liquid Force Kites P1 2019 pūķis

Brīvam braucienam un gaisīgiem lidojumiem.

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Jaunais piecu šķērsribu Liquid Force Kites P1 pūķis.
Pilnīgi jaunas formas pūķis, kas radikāli atšķiras no visiem līdz šim zināmajiem Liquid Force pūķiem. P1 ir pūķis, kas uzstāda jaunus, līdz šim nesasniegtus veiktspējas un vadības standartus.

Izstrādāts sadarbībā ar pieredzējušo pūķu dizai neri Simone Vannucci. Pūķim raksturīga ir izcili viegla un ērta vadība,  gluži kā Race pūķim efektīvs lenķis braukšanā pret vēju un liels vēja diapazons, milzīgi un gari lidojumi un piemērotība trikiem ieāķī, kā arī dēļ apaļās priekšējās ribas formas, izcili viegla atkal pacelšana no ūdens.

Liquid Force Kites P1 2019 pūķis – stils un pielietojums

Liquid Force Kites P1 ir izteikti stabila arka un lokana spārnu forma, kas nodrošina ātrāku griešanos. Tam ir arī jauns efektīvs tīklojums, kas vienmērīgi izlīdzina slodzi pa visu arku un maksimāli samazinātu vēja pretestību, kā arī bez jebkādiem rulīšiem.

Liquid Force Kites P1 pūķim abos spārnu galos ir iespēja pārlikt stūres striķus trīs dažādos punktos, kas maina pūķa vadības jutīgumu un reakcijas ātrumu.

Vēja diapazons balstīts uz vidējo kaitbordista svaru un standarta tvintipa dēli. (79Kg, 136cm)
Liquid Force Kites P1 vēja diapazons balstīts uz vidējo kaitbordista svaru un standarta tvintipa dēli. (79Kg, 136cm)

Protams, P1 pūķim ir izmantotas visas labākās tehnoloģijas un materiāli. Tādi, kā visu balonu vienpumpis, MaxFlow lielais piepumpēšanas vārsts, Eva pretriecienu gumijas aizsargi, uz šo brīdi visizturīgākais T3 Teijin Triple Ripstop Canopy audums un citi labumi, par kuriem vari precīzāk uzzināt ražotāja mājaslapā, kā arī šīs lapas pašā apakšā.
Ražotāja mājaslapa:

Braucot ar šo pūķi, ir grūti noslēpt apmierinātības smaidu sejā.
Komplektā ietilpst pūķis, soma un remonta komplekts.

Meet the new Liquid Force Kites P1 2019 kite.

Whiteboard designed and engineered from concept to creation the Liquid Force Kites P1 breaks the Liquid Force design paradigm. The Liquid Force R&D team stepped out of the box when setting out to create a kite that encompasses a new feel and performance parameters.

Enlisting collaboration with veteran kite designer Simone Vannucci, has given light to a freestyle/freeriding kite that is versatile in nature, easy and predictable in all wind conditions and offers confidence inspiring performance for lofty hang time and freestyle finesse.

Who is the Liquid Force Kites P1 for? A kiteboarder looking for the ultimate kite that offers an efficient, on demand, easy to use, power band that is perfect for pure freeriding, performance hooked freestyle and massive big air!

Key design and performance elements:
1. – 5 Strut Structure – confidence inspiring build with a rigid airframe that provides constant kite feel and control.

2. – T3 Teijin Triple Ripstop Canopy – highest quality in strength to weight ratio canopy material offering superior tear resistant and abrasion protection along with offering the lowest stretch elongation ratio and UV repellant coating to ensure lasting durability and long-term performance.

3. – Low Drag Light Weight Bridle – Flying line bridle configuration works in the favor of less wind resistance and reduced leading edge weight for smoother kite directional changes and turning.

5. – MaxFlow Inflation System – Now industry standard, Liquid Force pioneered the fast inflation system. High air flow valve and single point inflation / deflation offers 40% less effort give you more energy and time on the water.

6. – Pull and Go Rapid Relaunch – High sweep leading edge to wingtip in the P1 is engineered to allow the kite to effortlessly drift into the relaunch position. A simple smooth pull on the steering line quickly releases the kite from the water.

7. – Tapered LE Wingtips – Conical wingtip design prevents accidental bridle wrapping.

8. – TPU Bladders – Precision welded high quality TPU material.

9. – Tension Trailing Edge – Unique “sprocket” shape balances the trailing edge forced by eliminating flutter and dispersing tension between the canopy and Dacron trailing edge.

10. – Layered Frame Construction – Liquid Force layered frame construction gives added protection in key area in the kite that are prone to canopy stress by dispersing the harsh energy in hard impacts reducing canopy tears.

Behind the Liquid Force Kites P1 kite

Designing and bringing to life a kite that excels in a wide range of conditions, styles of riding and rider personalities is not an easy task. The journey to the P1 challenged our engineering mindset and pushed our design team to move outside our conventional processes.

The Liquid Force Kits P1 will raise your level of confidence on the water letting you bring your kiteboarding experience to the next level. Just don’t take word for it, let’s hear from the team that brought the P1 to life.

Simone Vannucci
You were presented a “design brief” for the P1 kite which covered a wide range of parameters for performance. What are the key design elements in the kite, and for what rider profile do you feel the kite is best suited for?

Designing product specific for something is often easier as you have to focus on fewer parameters to improve and side effects are often tolerated. Things get complicated when you need to come up with a product such as car that is powerful, handles great but at the same time is comfy to drive and easy to drive in the city. The P1 project started with a long list of key characteristics to achieve and therefor very exciting and challenging. I have tried to combined a skeleton and muscles of a race kite with the skin and the personality of an all-round kite. I think we achieved a kite that is simply “THERE FOR YOU” whatever you do on the water but that have enough personality to be able to turn your session “ON” if you want to. This makes the P1 suitable for a very wide range of kiters out there.

Jason Slezak
Your position in the development of the P1 was to conduct all the hands-on field testing and checking the boxes on the performance goals. What was the most challenging aspect of this task and how do you feel about the P1?

As with any new product, during the development of the P1, there were numerous challenges. The ever-present challenge of finding the proper testing conditions, with enough variety to be extremely thorough to sign off on an entire 4m to 16m size run, while hitting all of our target goals tops the list of challenges in my mind. However, the anticipated challenges of design and proto revisions, as well as the production challenges were easily put at bay by Simones extensive design knowledge and Julien’s unsurpassed knowledge of our Liquid Force Kites construction, componentry and build processes.

Setting out to design a kite that produced a different feel and characteristics but would be a complement to our existing solid lineup of kites was no easy task. At LFK, we carefully and collectively set the performance goals in the design brief for the P1, which were specific, and “outside of the box” of our existing line of kites. Simone, brought both precision and professionalism to the table with each prototype revision. While the entire LFK development crew added in each one of his or her unique strengths to bring to light an entirely new and different feel from LFK, in the P1. I believe that what we have successfully achieved, is a kite that can work in a variety of conditions, has a large wind range, and is fun and easy to fly.

Julien Fillion
As lead designer for Liquid Force Kites, how do you see the P1 sitting in the Liquid Force kite range ?

We’ve been wanted to include a kite with Increased wingspan for several years at LF. We’ve been pioneers & strong believers in the range and reliability of C-shaped SLE kites for years. We’ve waited patiently to meet the right designer to bring this type of design to the LF family of kites. Instant relaunch, amazing wind-range, tight pivoting, booster, those are all great descriptions of the P1. I feel long wingspan type kites are really intuitive to fly, they give true and honest feedback to the bar, for both the beginners and the avid kiteboarders. I could have not hope for a better outcome with the P1, Simone Vanucci & our entire kite R&D team did an amazing job on this kite. Long life to the P1!

Brandon Scheid
The P1 normally would not be a kite that you would seek out for your style of riding. Yet, you were instrumental in the testing process and fine tuning of the P1. Where do you feel the kite excels in performance?

I think that the P1 for me really shines in its efficiency. The kite is really good at translating wind energy on the canopy into forward riding speed. This means the kite rides fast, provides a ton of useable power, and has a very forgiving range. The kite has a different bar feel than the other kites in our range, more of a sheet in and go feel. I think this makes the kite very easy to ride and will provide a ton of confidence on the water for an intermediate rider.

Sensi Graves
More and more women are getting into kiteboarding. Do you feel that the P1 would be a good fit for a lady just getting into kiteboarding and would the kite span the learning curve to advanced riding?

To me the P1 is a stable, quick-turning kite that is ideally suited for helping not just women but any kiteboarder go from getting their first rides all the way to develop- ing hooked in performance freestyle. The kite is very balanced between front line and rear line tension. This balance provides a very easy, fatigue free riding experience. It’s awesome for taking your boosting to the next level and increasing your air time, making it a great kite to grow with you in your kiteboarding.

Rich Sabo
Who is the P1 kite for in your eyes?
Do you like kiteboarding? Do you like having fun while you kite? Do you like when your kite does what you want it to do? Well then, the P1 is for you. Any true kite enthusiast will find something they like about the P1. Whether you are into boosting, carving, mowing the lawn, dark sliding, back rolling, or just staying upwind – the P1 has got your back. All of it is made possible by a super stable 5 strut design and a unique profile that makes the kite effortless to maneuver. If you want kiting to be easy and fun, look no further than the P1.