Riviera Sonador longbords - 86.5 cm |

Riviera Sonador longbords – 86.5 cm

Viegli pumpējams dēis ar komfortablu gaitu.


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Riviera Sonador longbords ir parocīgs ielas krūzeris ar mīkstiem riteņiem un atsperīgu, koka un stikla šķiedras kārtu klāju. Viegli pumpējams dēlis ar komfortablu gaitu.
Pilns komplekts, gatavs braukšanai.

Riviera Sonador is an all around carving and commuting board that is meant to have snappy flex and fun carvy characteristics. This deck is small and agile and easy to pack away after you’re completed your trip.

This complete comes set-up with Paris 150s for easy carves, and Divine Road Rippers for solid grip while carving.

Riviera Sonador longboard skateboard – Complete

For the Sonador we developed this unique shape that offers a truly versatile riding skateboard. You can carve as hard as you want with this board as well as slide it anywhere you’d like. It’s stable at moderate to high speeds and at slower speeds has enough flex and rebounding qualities to really loosen your legs up. We had our good friend ‘WISE’ bless it with a beautiful work of art to make this a board any skater can admire.
Trucks: Paris Trucks – 180mm
Wheels: Divine Road Rippers 70mm / 78a
Bearings: Abec 5 Speed Bearings

Length: 34″
Width: 9″
Wheelbase: 24.25″
Bearings: Abec 5
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