Torq Epoxy Mod Fish Surfboard | sērfa dēļu veikals

Torq Epoxy Mod Fish sērfa dēlis – 5’11 / 6’3 / 6’6 / 6’10 / 7’2

5'11 – 33l, 6'3 – 36l, 6'6 – 40l, 6'10 – 46l, 7’2 – 53l Īss un ātrs modernas “zivs” formas dēlis, nopietniem viļņu ķērājiem.

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Torq Epoxy Mod Fish sērfa dēļu sērija ir piemērota viļņiem sākot no pleca augstuma un lielākiem. Moderns strupulis ar pamatīgu tilpumu purngalā un platu vidu.
Piecas spuru kastes, kas dod iespēju variēt starp Thruster (3) un Quad (4) spuru kombinācijām.
Komplektā iekļautas Futures Thruster spuras.

Pieejami arī citi, šiet neuzrādīti, krāsojuma varianti. Par visu variantu pieejamību lūdzu interesējaties veikalā Terēzes ielā 10 vai

Aptuvenais piegādes laiks: 1-2 nedēļas.
Atsevišķiem šīs sērijas eksemplāriem cena var mainīties 30 Eur robežās, atkarībā no dēļa grafiskā dizaina un lakas pārklājuma.

Pieejami arī citi sērfa dēļi no Torq, Aloha, Chilli, Emery, LSD, NSP, Vampirate, Webber ražotājiem.

Torq Epoxy Mod Fish – With a shape that’s more today than yesterday, our modern “fish” design is built for speed. Excelling in chest to overhead high waves, it performs on those hollow, glassy days, yet enjoys mushy, sloppy and less than perfect conditions too.

Comprised of a full nose and wide mid, with clean balanced curves that blend into a swallow tail. The bottom contours through single to double concave with a lightly flipped nose. Tune to your taste with Tri-Quad option.

5’11” x 20 3/8″ x 2 1/2″
Recommended Rider Weight – 35-65kg / 80-130 lbs
Volume – 33.2 L

6’3″ x 20 ½” x 2 ½”
190,5 x 52,07 x 6,35 – Volume 36 liters
Weight without fins: 3,8 kg +/- 5%

6’6″ x 21″ x 2 5/8″
198,12 x 53,34 x 6,67 – Volume 40 liters
Weight without fins: 3,96 kg +/- 5%

6’10” x 21 3/4″ x 2 3/4″
Recommended Rider Weight – 60-90kg / 130-200 lbs
Volume – 46.0 l

7’2″ x 22 1/2″ x 3″
Recommended Rider Weight 60-100kg
Volume – 53.0 l

Construction: Epoxy EPS Moulding

The best characteristics of modern performance fish design blended into one board; wide and stable for paddling and catching waves, but featuring our V-twin bottom shape to help you get the most from your surfing.
Ride it as a Quad or Thruster and explore your possibilities.

This modern fish is built for speed – a full nose and wide mid point, with clean balanced curves leading into a wide, full throttle swallow tail.

Fin Setup:
5 Fin Futures box set up – Thruster or Quad
3 Fins supplied– Futures template F6

Bottom Shape:
A single concave entry, blending into a V with a slight double concave running all the way out through the tail. We call it the V-Twin; maximum acceleration and rail hold.

Slightly flipped nose combined with a quick entry, a fast midsection and release off the tail.

Torq Surfboards

Launched in 2012, Torq surfboards created a new standard in the epoxy surfboard market, offering an unmatched combination of strength and performance. This year sees the innovation step up a gear, with new shapes, new graphics and new technologies.

We can now also offer this technology in a highly durable Softboard. By taking the Torq shapes and wrapping the deck in a durable soft foam layer, we created a board that is much safer and, with a little extra width and buoyancy, easier to learn on.

Last but definitely not least is a range we have been working on and perfecting for some time – the Torq Polyester range. With 5 user friendly performance shapes, in different sizes, for surfers of all abilities, these boards are handmade in Portugal using the highest quality materials.