Kiteboarding and kitesurfing - amazing and attention catching sports, based on embracing the power of the wind.
It combines wakeboarding, windusrfing, surfing, paragliding, sailing, snowboarding, skiing and acrobatics - yet it is a friendly recreational activity which doesn’t require superhuman powers and is relatively safe. It can be done by teens, women and, of course, men.

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With kite and the power of the wind one can ride not just the surface of the water, but land and snow too.
In this section you’ll find kites, kiteboarding boards, Hydrofoil wings, waist harnesses and seat harnesses, helmets, swimming vests, board cases and travel bags – everything one needs to kiteboard - starting from Liquid Force training kite for beginners up to radical Tona POP wakestyle boards.

Become a windhunter and indulge in the beauty of nature.

Kiteable winds range around 10-30 knots and for beginners up to 20 knots should be the maximum limit. A professional kitesurfer, on the other hand, can kite winds even when mass media urges people to stay at home and when harbours have closed.

Kiteboarding is a type of sports that has progressed hand in hand with the era of digitalisation, and because of that one can find all possible information about this sport online. The optimal environment for kiteboarding are wide beaches or open snowy fields, if the will to kiteboard still persists even during winter. Since Latvia is a seaside country, the entire coastline is kiteable, if the wind blows in direction from the sea to the shore. There are a few beaches with restrictions, but our favorite spots are Vitrupe, Salacgrīva, Zvejniekciems, Saulkrasti, Lilaste, Bolderāja, Pumpuri, Ragaciems, Bērzciems, Roja, Ventspils, Akmeņrags, Liepāja and Lūžņa.

Kiteboarding means meeting and aquiring new friends, imminent sand presence at your home, in your car and in phone buttons, addiction from checking out the tree tops even in the most hopeless days, hiding your newly bought gear from your significant other who for some weird reason doesn’t kite, as well as a “farmers tan” during summer, because there won’t be a lot of chances to kiteboard without wetsuit in Latvia. And most probably your interest in hockey or tiny sportcars might slowly fade.