CrazyFly Kites ATV 5´10 un 6´0 kaitsērfinga dēlis | Kaitsērfinga inventārs

CrazyFly Kites ATV 5’10 un 6’0 kaitsērfinga dēlis

Piemērots praktiski visiem viļņu veidiem. Laba izvēle Latvijas apstākļiem.

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CrazyFly Kites ATV 5´10 un 6´0 kaitsērfinga dēlis ir piemērots praktiski visiem viļņu veidiem. Noderēs gan Latvijas mazajiem viļņiem, gan arī ganot okeānu lielos viļņus. Dēlis ir aprīkots ar FCS-2 Click 3 spuru kastēm – Thruster.
CrazyFly Kites ATV kaitsērfinga dēlis ir ļoti viegls pēc svara, izgatavots modermnākajās tehnoloģijās no industrijā pieejamajiem augstākās kvalitātes materiāliem. Dēļa Flex elastības paternam ir apvienotas karbona auduma lentas un koka stringeris.
Ražots Anglijā. Roku darbs.
Cenā iekļauts trīsdaļīgs EVA putu pašlīmējams mīkstais paklājs.
Atsevišķi pieejamas kājsaites – 49€
Atsevišķi pieejami dažādi FCS-2 Click spuru veidi – cena dažāda.

Pateicoties Swallow tipa astei un taisnākas formas slīdvirsmai, tam ir izcilas pretvēja īpašības, kā arī tas ir visātrākais starp CrazyFly viļņu dēļiem.
Ja meklē savu pirmo viļņu dēli, tad šis ir tas ko meklē!

Produkta ražotāja mājaslapa:

CrazyFly Kites ATV 5´10 un  6´0 kaitsērfinga dēlis. Piemērots praktiski visiem viļņu veidiem. Aprīkots ar 3 spuru FCS-2 Click Thruster kastēm.

CrazyFly Kites ATV Kitesurf board – All terrain vehicle.

The All Terrain Vehicle has a brand new shape and construction. The CrazyFly Kites ATV is the most versatile surfboard we have ever made. It handles a large variety of conditions ranging from small to big waves and does not disappoint on the flat.

We are proud to announce that these boards are made in United Kingdom with state of the art construction and attention to detail. The finish and quality are second to none. The new construction features a carbon stringer on the top and bottom for exceptional flex characteristics and FCS II fin boxes for the latest click in fins.

CrazyFly Kites ATV is shaped as a true do it all surfboard. Brand new this year, is a slight double concave on the bottom, which has proven to be extremely comfortable, making the ride super smooth. The ATV has a straighter outline, resulting in a wider tail and a slightly wider nose, which create the optimal volume and balance for the rider. Medium segmented rocker ensures good acceleration while the board stays stable in high speed thanks to the wider outline. Small fish tail creates explosive snaps on any wave you can throw at this board.

Whatever the conditions, the ATV is always ready to deliver.

5’10” x 18.75” / 6’0” x 18.9”
Custom surf construction (PU core, Poly resin)
Carbon stringer
Double concave
FCS II finboxes

Specs 5′ 10″
WIDTH: 18.75″
VOLUME: 24 litres
WEIGHT: 3.4 kg
FINS: Thruster set up

Specs 6′ 0″
VOLUME: 26.5 litres
WEIGHT: 3.5 kg
FINS: Thruster set up

Includes self-sticking footpads: back, middle, front.

Carbon stringer reinforcement – Flex under control
The ATV construction features a carbon stringer reinforcement on the deck and bottom for added strenght and exceptional flex characteristics.

FCS II fin boxes – Click and go
The FCS II system has been designed to perform at the highest level by seamlessly connecting the 3 essential elements in surfing; the surfer, the surfboard and the fins. When paired with fins from the FCS II fin range, it’s now possible to install and remove your fins in seconds without the need for any screws or tools, so you’ll be in the line up faster.

Wood stringer – Natural flex and response
Nothing beats a classic wooden stringer. Any product designer would struggle to find a better substitute when it comes to natural flex, strength, weight and dynamic properties of wood. We believe it is the best option for a surfboard stringer by far.