Byerly Felix Jr. jauniešu parka un laivas dēlis – 129cm

Byerly Felix Jr. jauniešu parka un laivas dēlis – 129cm

Īpaši slīdīgs konstrukciju dēlis jauniešiem, kas veikparku sauc par savām mājām.

Byerly Felix ir veikborda dēlis konstrukciju braucējiem, kas veikparku sauc par savām mājām, kā arī brauc aiz laivas. Pieejams jauniešu izmērā.

Protams, Byerly Felix kabeļa un laivas dēlim ir konstrukciju izturīga slīdvirsma. Elastīgs dēlis ar mīkstākiem galiem slaidošanai un "presiem", kā arī, labākam atspērienam no ūdens virsmas, stingrāku dēļa vidus daļu starp kājām. Kanāli uz dēļa apakšas ir izvietoti vairāk uz centru, atstājot galus līdzenus. Tas dod labāku ūdens virsmas kontroli un niknāku atspērienu, bet netraucē slaidot pār konstrukcijām.

51"/130cm dēļis ir pieejams tikai zilā krāsā.

Byerly Felix 2016 cable park wake board

Byerly Felix veikborda dēļa konstrukcijas vadlīnijas

Shaped by Scott Butch Bouchard

Continuous Rocker

Carbon Composite Construction

Full Perimeter Energy Ring Sidewall

Biolite 3 Core

Rounded Profile

Thinner Flex Specific Design

Subtle Center Landing Feature

Layered Bi-Ax Glass

Sintered Base

M6 Insert Pack

Byerly Felix was designed to be the perfect choice for any rider that calls a cable park home as well as rides behind the boat. Strategic flex zones and exclusive construction processes make this the ultimate park board.

Shaped By Scott "Butch" Bouchard

Every shape in the Byerly line is marked with Shaped by Scott "Butch" Bouchard. Byerly and Butch's longtime friendship and collaboration has produced some of the most popular shapes in the history of wake. Innovations like 3-Stage rockers and Molded-in fins have all come out of Mr. Bouchard's shaping room. Each board featured in the Byerly line was created and shaped by hand from a single piece of foam, designed to the exact specifications of the team. Over the years Butch has not only shaped each board but also designed and perfected every construction and lay-up within the line. You can be assured that any Byerly board shaped by Butch is the most progressive product in the industry.

Double Lap Construction

This construction utilizes the additional strength created when the top and bottom fiberglass sheets overlap one another at the perimeter of the board. Once fused, the overlapped glass creates a stronger, more durable sidewall. The Double Lap is exclusive to Byerly boards and the first level of fiberglass technology.

Carbon Composite Construction

Carbon Composite Stringer construction is Scott Bouchard's most advanced addition to the line. This industry exclusive construction utilizes the strength and lightweight properties of woven Carbon by completely wrapping two core segments. These stringers mirror the rocker line creating more energy and rebound than traditional boards. This construction offers true multi-flex zones providing soft tip and tail flex and a preload zone between your boots for explosive pop. Due to their tip and tail configuration, the Carbon Composite Stringers also fuse the top and bottom laminates in the most vital area, the rocker line, creating the most durable and technical construction available today.

Continuous Rocker

The rocker line that started it all. Speed and fluid predictable pop truly define this rocker. Designed to carry great speed into the wake with minimal drag, a Continuous rocker generates a longer trajectory with similar pop every time.

Scott Byerly

Founded in 2006, Byerly Boards has been my dream for as long as I've been riding boards, which dates back to the founding years of both Wakeboarding and Wakeskating. Today I'm happy to say that my dream has taken root, and with my crew we're creating a brand that is unique within the board sports world. With Butch's shaping skills and knowledge of construction methods we've again pushed the boundaries of Wakeboard Design. The same is true with my Skates and as always art plays a huge role in the look and feel of Byerly Boards. Enjoy our line-up for 2014 and I'll be seeing you on the road this season.