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Follow Formless Cap – forest

This hat is a hat. OSFM.




Follow Corp naģene – olīvju krāsā. Cepure kā cepure. Viens izmērs visiem.

Follow ir salīdzinoši neliels, radikāli domājošs veikborda aksesuāru un dzīves stila zīmols no tālās Austrālijas. Labākie veibordisti, smukākās filmas un stilīgākie produkti.
Visi, kas strādā šajā uzņēmumā ir patiesi veikbordisti, tāpēc viss Follow fokuss ir veltīts tik un vienīgi šim sporta veidam. Veikbordisti veikbordistiem. Core wake brand.
Lai arī Follow tirgū ir salīdzinoši neilgu laiku(Latvijā tas ir pilnīgs jaunums), šī zīmola produkti ir izkarojuši savu stabilu vietu uz pasaules veikborda ūdeņiem, pateicoties to gaumīgajam dizainam, izmeklētajiem materiāliem un augstajai kvalitātei.

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Follow Formless Cap – forest

This hat is a hat. OSFM.

The timeless and clean design of this collection is a combination of past tradition and future innovation. Each piece is constructed with the commitment to bringing a performance product with quality that you can touch and feel. From materials, to function and finish, we take no shortcuts.
The season 8 collection features the familiar earthy and subtle tones you have come to expect from Follow, while including pop colour hits and unique placements to keep things light and bright. We have introduced new materials, trims, and refined our fits, with every detail considered and every element essential.
The following pages present the lifestyle we live, the products we create, the family we surround ourselves with and the sport we love,
Ride with us.
Welcome to Follow Season 9

Who is Follow?
Follow is more than a wakeboard accessories brand from Australia. We are a lifestyle brand focused on the wake market. We concentrate on adding depth and substance into every product.

This difference is our quality – We concentrate on the small details, things you can touch and feel. Always striving to build lightweight performance product that lasts!

Follow started only 5 years ago in Australia, we have built this brand around our team. Our team is now one of the strongest in the industry. They believe in our direction and are proud to be involved. We have achieved a lot in such a short time and this is only the beginning.

Steven Anderson – Founder

Why buy Follow?
If they don’t have the coolest thing going on then we don’t know what does. Follow gives you this “I want to be part of that” vibe like no other brand. The coolest wakeboarding products, the coolest team, the coolest photos and videos. That’s why you should buy Follow!

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