HO Sports 2G tube

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HO Sports 2G piepūšams pūslis braukšanai aiz laivas.

HO Sports 2G pūšļa konstrukcijas vadlīnijas:
Softshell in armrests and seating area
2 Different towing options – more fun for your money
Room for 2 adults – 340 lbs. recommended capacity
Works best when it’s occupied by two riders
HO Quick Connect Tow Hook for easy rope hook-up
2 Way Boston Valve for quick and easy inflation and deflation
2K Tube Rope required for the ultimate pull

1 pēda ir 30.48cm. 1 colla ir 2.54cm. 1 pēdā ir 12 collas.
1 mārciņa ir 0.45 kilogrami.

HO Sports 2G hero tube for towing on water

Šis produkts pieejams uz pasūtījumu. Sazinieties ar Mums par pieejamību un piegādes termiņiem (sākot ar 7 dienām). Pieejami arī cita veida pūšļi, kas nav uzrādīti Boardside.lv mājaslapā. Par pieejamību lūdzu interesēties veikalā, Terēzes ielā 10.
Visa HO Sports pūšļu kolekcija atrodama šeit: http://www.hosports.com/

HO Sports 2G tube – Relax and Ride
HO is proud to introduce the modular 2G towable. Grab a buddy and sit down in the ergonomic, lounge style seats OR flip the tube around and kneel on the neoprene pads while towing the tube from the opposite side…either way works great! Made from only the finest materials and backed by our industry leading 1 year warranty, the 2G will keep you where you want to be…on the water!

HO Sports has always been on the cutting edge of tube technology. From the early days of nylon covers, to the Quick Connect Tow Attachment, to HO’s patented Sphere technology- we’re always pushing the limits of tube features & materials in an effort to deliver to you, the rider, the best tubing experience possible. In 2015, HO introduced Softshell Technology…probably the biggest game changer since people stopped wrapping a webbing strap around a truck tire tube. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’ve come to the right place.