Hyperlite Formula veikborda zābaki ar atvērtiem purngaliem

Hyperlite Formula veikborda zābaki

Viegli uzvelkami, ērti veikborda zābaki, jebkuram braukšanas līmenim.

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Hyperlite Session ir viegli uzvelkami, ērti veikborda zābaki jebkuram braukšanas līmenim. Trīs līmeņu aiztaisīšana ar Velcro lipekļiem un plaša diapazona izmēri.Izurīgākie Hyperlite avērto purnu zābaku lāstā.

4-8 / 34-38
7-10.5 / 37-43.5
10-14 / 43-48

Hyperlite Formula veikborda zābaku konstrukcijas vadlīnijas
Adjustable Floating Toe Design
Hyperplush Rear Flex Zone
Quick Cinch Lace Zones
6in Universal Mounting Spread
Full Velcro Closure
New Dual Density EVA
Dual Density Footbed
Articulating Cuff

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Produkta ražotāja mājaslapa: http://www.hyperlite.com/

Hyperlite Formula boots – Comfort & Support for all Ability Levels

Hyperlite introduces the blueprint for all day Wakeboarding happy feet with the Hyperlite Formula Boot. Our 3-Part Velcro Closure System makes the Formula easy to step into delivering a snug and comfortable fit for multiple size feet. Adjust on the fly and enjoy the cozy feel of the Formula, with our universal mounting system this binding mounts on any Wakeboard. Dial the boot in for yourself or share with friends and family on your next Wakeboard Adventure.

Aluminum Claw Mounting System
The larger teeth design and aluminum hardware ensure a secure interface.

Low Pro Plate System
The Low Pro Plate system takes much of what we learned from the System binding and incorporates it into a more traditional design. We began by reducing the overall volume by nearly 16%, which translates into a much lighter boot. Our drop-through footbed keeps a rider closer to the deck for maximum control and response. To ensure the baseless design did not produce unwanted plate twist we connected the sidewalls to chassis create a stronger foundation.

Hyperlite Formula veikborda zābaki ar atvērtiem purngaliem – veikbords